The Point of the “Pointless” Degree

“So, what can you do with that?”

“Ah! You want to teach then?”

“You pay… to read books?”

“Well, so long as you enjoy it I guess.”

These are actual responses from ‘human beings’ I’ve had upon telling them I study English Literature. There is, and has been for as long as I can recall, a notion that Literature is a ‘waste’ of a degree, that it won’t help you in the ‘real world’. People who hold this idea tend to all have one thing in common: they know nothing / very little about what a Literature degree entails.

As someone who does know their fair share about a Literature degree, I thought I’d share a little.

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Should You Do A Master’s?

You’ve completed your undergraduate, you’ve taken pictures in your silly hat, you didn’t trip up on stage, you’ve gawked at the shiny certificate. You made it.

(Quarter Life Crisis enters stage left. Protagonist did not see it’s approach. The graduation scene fades. Weeks pass.)

What now?

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